Can I Add Someone to My Car Insurance That Doesn’t Live with Me?

Can I Add Someone to My Car Insurance That Doesn’t Live with Me
Can I Add Someone to My Car Insurance That Doesn’t Live with Me

While most insurance providers won’t let you add someone to a policy except if they live with you, there are two exceptions to the standard that will permit Can I add someone to my car insurance that doesn’t live with me :

  1. Undergrads who are away at university and
  2. Children of divorced guardians who are at driving age however live at different addresses. Peruse this guide for more information regarding when you can add someone to your car insurance that doesn’t live with you.

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Key Takeaways

Car insurance follows the car. That means you are potentially liable when another driver gets in an accident with your car.

There are three different ways to stretch out your auto coverage to a driver who doesn’t live with you.

Drivers who utilize your car infrequently may as of now be secured by your auto insurance.

Converse with your insurer directly about your situation; every carrier has its own policies about listed, occasional, and infrequent drivers.

Can I add someone to my car insurance that doesn’t live with me? Indeed, it’s complicated.

Julie Rain’s realized this when she tried to cover him on her auto policy. The thing is, Julie and her significant other live in North Carolina while Julie’s child lives in New York.

After multiple conversations with her insurance agent, she and her significant other discovered a policy that seemed to be a solid match for them. In any case, it didn’t cover her child like she had trusted.

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Can I add someone to my car insurance that doesn’t live with me?

By and large, you can’t add someone who doesn’t live with you to your policy. Be that as it may, there are exceptions.

In some cases, you could add non-family members or individuals who don’t live with you who utilize your car consistently. For instance, a dear friend, neighbor, a home well being agency laborer, or your accomplice who doesn’t live with you.

Julie’s significant other dealt with the car insurance for his folks. It would seem his folks’ home well being agency required additional liability insurance for the agency’s drivers who didn’t live with his folks. However, he was still ready to add coverage for them.

In any case, this entirely relies upon the sort of insurance and the carrier you’re with. If all else fails, make certain to inquire. If you unknowingly add someone to your policy who shouldn’t be, you risk getting dropped from your insurer.

Listed drivers

Someone who normally drives your car ought to be on your policy as a listed driver. Ordinarily, listed drivers live with you. Yet, there are some regular situations when you need coverage for a driver who lives somewhere else:

Your child, of driving age, doesn’t live with you full-time

You utilize a childcare specialist who ships your kids

You utilize a senior care specialist who drives your folks

A relative is staying with you temporarily

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Most insurance carriers can oblige these scenarios. You’ll have to provide the other driver’s license and contact information, and let the insurance carrier know which car that driver will utilize. Your premiums will increase. Ideally the other driver has a decent driving record, as that will limit the added cost.

Occasional drivers

For the most part, an occasional driver is someone who utilizes your car consistently, however not daily. Some insurers specify that occasional drivers must utilize the car under 25% of the time. If your insurer considers occasional drivers, get the details on what “occasional” really means for your policy. If you can agree to the guidelines, adding an occasional driver is cost-effective. That driver will be secured, yet it won’t be as expensive as adding another full-time driver to your policy.

Permissive use

A driver who utilizes your car infrequently — state, just a couple of times a year — doesn’t need to be added to a policy that takes into consideration permissive use. Permissive use means you’ve given that individual explicit permission to drive your car. Continuously read the fine print of your own policy to comprehend your insurer’s definition of permissive use. Littler carriers may have more specific requirements, or may not respect permissive use coverage by any stretch of the imagination. If your policy praises permissive use coverage, that typically means your comprehensive, collision, and liability coverage will reach out to different drivers.

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Conclusion: Can I add someone to my auto insurance policy that doesn’t live with me?

By the day’s end, the response to this question relies upon your insurance carrier and how frequently the other driver utilizes your car. In some cases, your ebb and flow carrier won’t permit you to add a non-family unit driver. All things considered, you can:

Shop around to find a carrier with coverage that suits your situation, or

Stop letting the other driver utilize your car.

Ignoring the issue and hoping for the best isn’t an option. That leaves you presented to any damage brought about by the other driver, and that’s not a risk worth taking.

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